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And the winner is...

I went to the hospital two times today, it was very exciting.

So my fiancée and I had a nice trip to the emergency room today for reasons of muscle weakness in my right leg that prevented me from you know, walking and other such important daily life activities. Results, the nurses and Dr.s were patronizing as hell and wouldn't believe me when I described my symptoms. I got a head CT that came back normal and a lumbar MRI that didn't show any problems. Not surprising considering I have thoracic spine problems that cause pain that you would expect from the lumbar and I specifically told them that.

However I got a lot of studying done waiting around, even if I did have most of the chapter on disease mortality read aloud to me by my fiancée I apologize to everybody else waiting in the emergency room who found that disconcerting.

Best thing about being there, the pages where amazing, Dr. Lama, Dr. Quock, but of course the best was the 10 minutes spent paging Dr.Coco.

Anyway, they didn't notice anything in the tests they ran so no new information.

I already had an afternoon appointment with my physiatrist, so I was hoping that would be more productive because he's already appraised of my current medical condition. He can't make any definitive statements yet but he's ordered a full MRI of the spine to check for (worst case scenario) nerve root damage, and (next worse case scenario) even more lesions, and active lesions. The other possibilities on the list are EDS, some other collagen disorder, or an autoimmune disorder like lupus.
Every one who's ever seen House say it with me now.


only it totally might be, and it's actually one of the more preferable outcomes, but as we all know my spine is a special snowflake so it's probably like, leprechauns mining for gold up and down my spinal column or something.
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